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God made us all uniquely and for a purpose. Our uniqueness makes us like puzzle pieces of God’s plan; each piece is an important part of the overall picture. The Gifts of Faith portion of this survey is meant to show you areas of strength with which each of us have been blessed and gifted. Understanding and using these gifts of Faith purposefully allows us to serve each other and our community in a role God intended for us. Every Gift of Faith is important, valuable, and has an essential part in the church or the body of Christ.

1 Corinthians 12: 18 says, “But as it is, God arranged the members in the body, each one of them as he chose. If all were a single member, where would the body be? As it is, there are many parts, yet one body.”

How to read your scores

You have two survey scores:

Your Gifts of Faith scores are ranked from 1-32, with 32 being the highest. Look at your top 1 or 2 scores, these are your Gifts of Faith. A description of your gifts can be found by clicking on the score.

Your Passions & Interests scores are ratings. The IMPACT teams with the highest ratings reflect areas of ministry that you may feel passionate or excited to serve in.

An Impact Team Connector will call you in the next couple of days to personally talk to you about your results and how you can use your gifts to make an impact in others’ lives.

Gifts of Faith

Click on the score to see a description of the gift.


  • Is rooted in their faith
  • Has values that align with their beliefs
  • Looks to God for guidance in decision making
  • Has a strong desire to deeply understand their beliefs

Someone with the Gift of Faith in belief is one whose values and decisions are based on what they believe is truth. This person has a great desire to seek God and to understand God’s word and teachings. This desire for understanding and truth creates a firm foundation of faith which becomes part of who they are and is the basis for how they make decisions. However, the gift of belief does not have anything to do with the depth of their faith, rather it reflects their desire to deeply understand their faith. Thus, the person gifted in belief feels a need to spend time with God through word and prayer daily in order to feel rooted in their faith.

If you are gifted in belief you may find that people come to you for guidance on their own faith journey. That may be because those who know you well, know your love and desire to seek God. As someone gifted in belief you may enjoy leading prayer or serving as a small group leader. When part of a group, you may find that you help to serve as a compass that keeps the goals and actions of the team in line with God’s truths. Of course, your personality and personal preferences will play a role in how you can use your gift, but nonetheless, you are someone who deeply cares about God’s truth and yearns to understand those truths more deeply.


  • Is caring, patient, and graceful
  • Desires to help those in need
  • Is aware of others' emotions
  • Is a good listener
  • Is empathetic

Someone with the Gift of Faith in compassion is one who is devoted to walking with people who are experiencing difficulties on their life journey. This person feels a strong desire to be an encouraging pillar of strength to those struggling. The person gifted in compassion deeply empathizes with those in need, and those feelings propel them to be a loving, understanding and helpful presence in their lives. This deep desire to be there for people is truly a gift, but we encourage people with this gift to take time for self-care as they share the burdens of others.

If you are gifted in compassion you may find that people easily open up to you to share their feelings. That may be because of your caring nature and awareness of others’ feelings or emotions. This insight also compels you to reach out to people you think may need a friend or listening ear. Because you desire to help those in need, you may enjoy being a part of an outreach team that supports and share God’s love with those in need. You may also find that you would enjoy working behind the scenes to support people by leading campaigns to organize resources. Whether you work behind the scenes, as a project leader, or one-on-one, the heart of the matter is that your compassion to help others moves you to action.


  • Believes money plays a critical role in the world
  • Connects with others or a mission through giving
  • Makes contributions to the church out of gratitude and faith
  • Believes what you do with your money reflects your values and beliefs

Someone with the Gift of Faith in giving is one who feels a strong desire to financially support God’s work. Although many people share this desire to give, not everyone views giving the same way. The person gifted in giving understands the critical role money can have in the life of a person, project or church and feels a commitment and calling to be the person to provide these resources. This person has a deep belief that money is a blessing from God and looks for opportunities to use that blessing to support God’s work. Additionally, the person gifted in giving is often times financially savvy, weighing options and looking to make the most out of God’s blessings. When deciding what projects to financially support, they contemplate results and the effectiveness their support might make, in order to make the most out of God’s blessings.

If you are gifted in giving, you may find yourself working behind the scenes. Often times, that is because the act of giving is deeply personal. But those gifted in giving should be aware that this deep desire to give and understanding of finance is truly a gift from God. Like all gifts, it provides opportunity and opens doors that allow God’s love and hope to be shared with others. Through your gift, God provides comfort, peace, joy, relief, or rest to those in need. Those gifted in giving may choose to connect to a particular ministry where you can use your gift to provide financial resources or financial wisdom. Or you may enjoy being a part of finance teams, planning teams, or leadership teams as well.


  • Is a visionary
  • Communicates effectively
  • Motivates and inspires
  • Is an organizer and administrator

Someone with the Gift of Faith in leadership is one who has the ability to visualize a goal and inspire or organize others towards that goal. This person has the unique combination of vision and communication which allows them to lead others. As a visionary, the leader has a unique perspective that they feel passionate about and they have a deep desire to guide others towards that perspective. They not only have a clear vision, but can also see a path of achievable goals leading towards their vision. In addition to vision, the person gifted in leadership is also a strong and effective communicator. They may motivate and inspire those around them into action, or they may be able to implement tasks and effectively organize those around them. Either way their effective way of communicating gets people moving towards the goal.

If you are gifted in leadership, you may find that you naturally take charge in group settings, or that when you talk, those around you tend to listen. Those gifted in leadership are uniquely capable of visualizing the goal, communicating the goal, and communicating steps towards that goal, providing purpose and direction to groups or teams you work with. The purpose, direction and energy you help to bring to a group may be exciting for you and those you work with. Motivating others may also bring you a sense of joy and accomplishment. Although not always the case, some leaders carry large loads and burdens, so we encourage leaders to work together, seek mentors for guidance, and participate in leadership classes to hone their skills.

Relationship Building-

  • Looks for ways to relate to others
  • Can easily create connections with others
  • Is in tune with people’s body language and emotions
  • Is good at getting buy-in or motivating others

Someone with the Gift of Faith in relationship building is one who has the ability to easily create connections with others. This ability to connect with people comes from a deep desire to get to know others on some level and be in authentic relationship. The person with this gift is more than someone who has a genuine interest in the people they meet. They seek ways to create a connection or commonality with those around them. This unique ability to easily find connection creates a natural environment for a relationship to grow. Additionally, their ease in relating to others often times makes it easy for them to reach out to people they don’t know. Because of their ability to easily form connections and relationships, the person gifted in relationship building is easy to be around and is someone people tend to feel comfortable with.

If you are gifted in relationship building, you may find that your genuine care for others and authentic desire to connect with others draws people to you. Your caring nature may cause you to seek out people who look disengaged and try to connect with them. This may also come easily because the person gifted in relationship building tends to be very aware of people’s body language and emotions. The person with this gift more often than not will enjoy being a part of team, rather than working alone. Because you enjoy being in relationships and getting to know others, you may enjoy roles where you get to meet new people or help bring people together. You may also enjoy working on a team where you can serve as a mentor, lead a group, or walk with others on their faith journey.


  • Values actions
  • Desires to help others; is caring
  • Connects with others through actions
  • Believes individual actions make a difference

Someone with the Gift of Faith in service is one who deeply desires to help others through their actions. The person with this gift values actions and has a strong belief that their actions matter and make a difference. This belief along with a caring heart and deep desire to help others is the combination that makes those with this gift unique. This person believes in the power of their actions, and is not concerned by how big or small a task is, rather genuinely believes that what they do will leave a mark on the world, even if that’s just a small mark in someone’s life. It is this belief that drives the person gifted in service to serve.

If you are gifted in service you may find that you enjoy doing things and taking care of others by doing things for them. This may seem simple and not very significant, but your desire to help others is more than just lending a helping hand. Although many people feel a desire to help others for various reasons, those gifted in service are always looking for ways they can step in and help and do so often, without need for recognition. That is because the person gifted in service has intrinsic values and beliefs that compel them to serve and because of this, they serve whenever there is a need they can help meet. If you are gifted in service, you may also find that you are able to connect to others by helping them with something. Your gift of service may be a big part of your relationships and may also help you create new relationships.


  • Is engaging
  • Loves learning
  • Is thoughtful about the learning process
  • Believes the learning process is important

Someone with the Gift of Faith in teaching is one who greatly enjoys the process of sharing knowledge with others. This person’s enjoyment of the learning process makes them uniquely aware of how people present or share information with others. This insight into the learning process is partnered with the belief that how you learn something is as important as what you learn. As a result, the person with this gift is very aware and thoughtful about how to explain and share information with others. Additionally, a person with this gift also enjoys learning and, because of this, has a deep desire to make the process of learning exciting, engaging and enjoyable for others.

If you are gifted in teaching you may find that you also love to learn about new things. More than likely, you believe that learning is an exciting activity you get to do, not have to do. This love of learning and excitement is transferred to others as you share your knowledge and, because of this, people enjoy listening to you share new concepts. You may also find that you enjoy training others, teaching classes or workshops, or explaining concepts to groups or teams. If you are gifted in teaching, you have the flexibility to work with people of all ages as well. From children to youth to young adults and adults, you can choose which age groups you feel excited and passionate about working with.


Passion and Interest

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